From the ANSP to the controller to the technician, everyone’s better off with KVM.For the service provider, KVM adds flexibility to IT infrastructure. It enables emergency work-arounds, improves workflows, adds reliability to redundancy concepts and provides continuous, uninterrupted IT availability.ATCOs enjoy a computer-free environment. Moving the computers to a central location creates less noise, less heat and more space to create better working conditions in the control room. And the system’s more reliable too!With KVM, technicians can access several systems from a range of locations - not just their workplace. Administration is made easier and maintenance too: the computers are stored centrally so no more crawling under desks. There’s also more time for maintenance because ATCOs can be simply switched to a back-up system whenever it’s required. For optimum IT system control, improved working conditions and increased system safety, there’s only one all-round answer – KVM from G&D.LEADING THE WAY IN DIGITAL KVMKVM FROM G&DIT control that towers above the restG&D TowerAW A4 ATMc.indd 118/01/2016 16:15actionURI(
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