ICR-today's answer to yesterday's problems -fill -r j Racal-Thermionic's multi-channel International Communications Recorder always gets the message. And unlike most humans, it's ever ready to find fault with its~lf. In fact, it was created to meet the exceptionally exacting requirements of airport authorities - and is in very widespread use all over the world. . . The reliability of this superb machine 1s JUSt about total. There is always a spare t rack available, should the track fai l while recording. The back-up system precisely duplicates the master, and is ready at any instant to take over. Further, if for any reaso n the ICR should not have its operating tape , . replaced after 24 hours, the back-up would continue for a further entire day, switching on an automatic war . " d" h m~ system tom 1cate t e need for replacement. 24_hours ~ day 365_ days a year, the ICR trustily records the voices of t ime. En~ineered to the highest perfection, the ICR can also, 1f desired, keep meticulous record of the time when events occurred. Standing under 2 metres high, the Racal-Thermionlc ICR packs astonishing technical achievement Into its solid frame. It has serious work to do. Critical, responsible work. Which it will always perform perfectly. RacalĀ· Thermionic the recording people Racal-Thermionic limited Hythe, ' Southampton, S046ZH, England. Tel: 0703 843265 Telex:47600 ll1DS!llJ The Electronics Gl'OUp
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