Pity the Air Traffic Controllerwhen they come in like thisAn exaggerated picture perhaps but notfor long. Air Traffic is increasing so fastthat the controller's job needs an entirelynew appraisal. And one of the thingswe've got to look at is the method oftraining controllers. Is it adequate tom e e t t h e d e m a n d s o f t h e S e v e n t i e s ?T h e fl e x i b i l i t y o f t h e F e r r a n t i R a d a rSimulator provides the answer—now andfor the future. It gives the trainee cont r o l l e r p r a c t i c e i n A i r Tr a f fi c C o n t r o lu n d e r c o n d i t i o n s s o r e a l i s t i c t h a t w h e nhe takes over control of real aircraft he'lln o t o n l y b e f u l l y t r a i n e d b u t c o n fident too.Digital techniques readily permit modifications to accommodate changes in awide range of parameters, includingaircraft type and speed, radar and geographical data. Raw radar or fullysynthetic output can he provided to driveany type of display. The system cantherefore simulate new aircraft andprocedural techniques not even envisaged at this stage.Ferranti have the capability and experience to design and develop a systemto suit any individual requirements. Ifyou have an ATC training or evaluationproblem talk to Ferranti.FERE^ANTIATC training systemsFerranti Limited, d/-ioidaDigital Systems Department, Bracknell, Berkshire, England. RGl-dlKADS21/2
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